Minivan Camper Update 8.20.12

Most of you have already noticed the new blog site for the ebook, and the automated system, but I want to let you know about other progress, both on the minivan camper project and the sites for it.

With this summer’s record-setting heat (hopefully) past, I should be able to get out to the garage to finish up the reclining couch/bed. The wood pieces are all painted and most of the metal pieces are cut. I just need to drill a few holes and bolt everything together. I have some pictures taken of the hinge assembly, but have been delaying posting them until I can get a little bit more done.

Now, as for this blog, there are several reasons for this announcement:

  1. The main site was built with an older version of Front Page (actually, the 2000 version) and Microsoft hasn’t supported it in years. It had some peculiar extensions with it that were unique to that platform, and even some of the hosting companies are not providing the server extensions for it anymore. I have been putting off retiring it because it is so easy to use, but I am finding that WordPress does nearly everything that any other web builder will do, and most professional marketers are using this platform, for many, many reasons.
  2. Front Page also required the program to be on your computer in order to do any editing with it, whether you were doing it “live” online or not, whereas I can go to ANY computer and log onto any of my sites with WordPress, and have less steps to go through to do the editing.
  3. Front Page did not allow for “mobile friendly” web sites without having to do a lot of extra programming. Normal web sites do not show up on mobile devices the same way they do on regular computers, and can often take way too long to load. When they do, the information is hard to see and navigate. The use of moobile devices has been increasing at a very rapid rate recently. Just a few years ago, there weren’t enough people accessing the web via portable devices to worry about it. Today, nearly half of all computer users access the web with mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, tablets, etc.). Therefore, it was time to get into the 21st century with my own marketing, and WordPress makes that easy, because most of their themes already have “mobile friendly” versions built in.
  4. If that weren’t enough, normal web sites are “static”, rather than “dynamic” like blogs. Since the latest search engine updates have made keyword meta-tags useless, the position of a site on the search results is now dependent upon how “important” it is. Too many “unscrupulous” marketers were misusing keywords, and so the search engines put a stop to it. Now, that “importance” is determined by its content, how many times fresh content is added, and how many other inbound links there are from other relevant and important sites. Because of commenter interaction, a blog has a better chance of having fresh content than a normal web site. A “dormant” site soon loses rankings on the results pages, and the farther down on the page you are, the less chance of getting visitors. In fact, the visitor count decreases almost exponentially the farther down you are on the page!
  5. With nearly 20,000 plug-ins (similar to apps on mobile devices) for WordPress, not to mention the tens of thousands of themes available, it has FAR more functionality than any other web builder program on the planet.
  6. Because of that functionality (part of which is optimization for the search engines and social marketing) I get far more visitors to the blog than to the main site. That is also reflected in the number of sales I see from the main site, also. Despite the fact that I have links to the main site everywhere, few people are using them!

There are probably other good reasons that I haven’t thought of yet, but the point is that eventually I plan to retire Front Page “forever”, as soon as it is practical to make that happen. When it does, this blog will replace the main site. In preparation for that, I have already copied all the pages from the main site to this one. Products can now be found in the drop-down menu under the header. Policy pages and others have been added and updated. Banners have been copied over. And still, there is lots more updating to do. Because of having to remove the Amazon products last July, I still don’t don’t have all the pages “restocked” with products yet, but when I do, they will show up here. I will not be doing any more product updating on the main site.

However, due to the product links in the free 94-page ebook, I can’t take the other site down just yet. But when the paid version of the book is released, there will also be a much shorter version of the free ebook released at the same time, and that’s when the links will change, and then this blog will be moved to the root domain so that it will become the main site, rather than the sub-domain that it is right now. The other “general” blog will remain as a sub-domain to the main site.

Because some of the affiliate vendors have strange rules about not wanting to see a site owner’s own products being sold on the same site with their links, the new ebooks that we introduce for sale will have their own domains and payment processes. That will be an advantage in optimizing them for the search engines, also.

I know many of you couldn’t care less about all this, but is part of the progress for this entire project, and I just wanted to bring you up to date. As soon I set this to come on at the pre-determined time, I am going out to the garage and see how much progress I can make on the reclining couch/bed. If it stays cool enough today, and I don’t have many interruptions, I may even get it done!

As always let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading and being patient.