My Merry Christmas Wish!

Actually I have several wishes for this Christmas and the new year, but the most important one I have already written about on one of my other sites, and for those who wish to, you can read it here:

As usual, time has slipped away from me once again, and I am taking the rest of the holiday week off from web work (until January 2nd) to get some other things done here at home. We have company coming the afternoon of the 24th for a few days, and we will be doing housekeeping, cooking, more decorating, and then eating (more than we should), sightseeing, shopping, playing games and watching some movies (here at home, and wishing it were the Southwest). After all, even web workers are entitled to somewhat of a normal life!

So this will be my last post until the new year, and then I will be back to work on the minivan project, existing sites and building new ones again, but maybe with a little less “gusto” than before. I (or I should say, my body) is realizing that I can’t continue to put in 12 hours a day sitting at this computer. For my own sanity and the health of my body, I have to force myself to put the mouse down and back away from the desk before I hurt myself (literally).

So until next year, do your own getting away from your computers and go have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year! And don’t worry about what’s “politcally correct”. What’s right is right… right? A “Happy Holiday” can be had at any time of the year, but this one is named what it is for a reason! Let’s not lose sight of that!