About Us

Minivan Camper Conversion and More!

Caravan Camper RV was formed with several things in mind. First, to provide solutions to

  1. the higher cost of travel, RV’ing and camping with expenses going up all the time, and

  2. to help offset the tighter budgets of those suffering from the current economy.

Secondly, we (yeah, that’s us in the picture above, along with only “some” of the RV’s we’ve owned over the years) have over 30 years of experience in the RV, camping and travel field, plus the mechanical understanding of how things work, why, and what alternatives can be used safely to accomplish certain goals.

But the site isn’t about us… it’s about saving you money and keeping you safe, no matter what kind of traveling you do.

One of our many products is a book about creating, not “building”, your own minivan camper, the components of which you can hang onto through all the trading of vans you may do in your lifetime. Our free 94-page book shows you how to do that!

Keep in mind, although we do make money from your use of the links within our site, we may not “always” make fees from referring you to products for your minivan camper conversion, and that’s OK. Some things are important enough to tell you about whether we make anything from it or not.  Our main goal is to help you and provide quality information even if we make nothing from the referral.  But let’s face it, we’re a business like any other, and need to make money. If we can provide products to you without it costing you any more than what you would pay anyway… well, that’s the way sales work. We don’t buy wholesale. We get paid from the vendors for referring you to them, and that’s a part of their overhead and advertising expense… NOT a markup on our part!

We will always try to provide you with the best products at the best price we can find. We aren’t out to rip anyone off or make more than a fair amount. In fact, most products will be sourced from other vendors, and you will be sent straight to that vendor to buy the product. Except for our own products and digital downloads, we may make no up front sales at all. When products are purchased from third parties our advertising fees will be paid by the vendors for promoting their products.  There is no mark up by them or us when operating that way.

Also, by going through places like eBay, that are in essence, a “comparison shopping” site, you can see what other places are getting for the same products, and have a choice of several places from which to buy it in sometimes both new and used versions, see reviews of that product by actual users of the products and much more that we simply could not provide. The result is that you get the product you want for the least cost, with best service from a vendor of your own choosing!

So please bookmark this site and come back to watch us grow. We will be continually adding more products as we find them.  To speed things up, we will have specially recommended products based upon the projects we write about, and later on we will add even more choices.

And if you have any questions or comments, please contact us, or use our blog to let us know what you think!

See you across the campfire!