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We recently found one of the funniest videos we have ever seen regarding RV travel, and no, it’s not “RV”. Take a look at the trailer:

And here’s the link to get the DVD:

They also have it available in different formats, like Blue Ray, so if you need something different than this one, just click on the banner and then do a search on the store site.

We are still searching out the best in video and audio offerings that go along with the theme of this site. Of course, one of the first things that comes to mind is Robin William’s movie “RV”, but that’s almost too obvious!  I’ll have to try to remember back to some of the other videos that we have seen that either have a traveling theme to them or have great photography of some neat places to see. Having some great movies along in your minivan camper conversion won’t take up a lot of room, and will be handy to have for those times when it might be raining, or you just want something to relax with before bed, or just need some inspiration to keep enjoying what you are doing!

We know there are a lot of videos available about specific places that are more of a tour guide for those places, and we will try offer those as well as we find them, but we also want some pure entertainment that RV’ers and campers would love to watch. We could use your help here, so if any of you know of movies that fit those requirements, please go to our blog and let us know!  Also, you may see some of these offerings in the main category of “Information” if they are more for education and information than just enjoyment.

We will also soon be offering things like audio books, and “traveling music”, as well as videos that you will find of interest.

Please stop back and watch us grow!

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