Suzuki Q-Chord

(Look for more information and a catalog below the videos)

First let’s watch a couple of videos so you can see what it is and what it sounds like. (By the way, Lennie Zazick was the one that we bought our Q-Chord from in 2004. He was running a booth called Jack’s Music in Arizona at the huge east Mesa flea market. I don’t know if he is still there.)

¬† The following video shows one of the older Omni-Chords which was the forerunner to the newer Q-Chord. The one in the video is even older than the one we had, but notice what can be done with it. If an older version can sound this good, just think what YOU can do with the new and improved Q-Chord! (Also, we just had to show you what Casey Desmond can do! Doesn’t she have a fantastic voice?!)(Watch YouTube for her other videos with her band!)

The Suzuki Q-Chord can be played using D-cell batteries, also, for when you’re out at the campfire. It has it’s own amplifier, but sounds even better when plugged into a great sound system! You can play it with or without the optional sound cartridges. It also has place to use a standard guitar strap, if you want to stand up to play it. After hearing what the Suzuki Q-Chord can do for you, even if you have never played an instrument in your life, we’re so sure you’ll want one that we are offering them to you right here, along with all the accessories and music books we can find. Be sure to get the hard case with it to protect your investment. Before long, you’ll be able to sing and entertain around the campfire or at the clubhouse with the best of them! AND, it will never go out of tune like other¬† musical instruments, so it’s great to carry in your minivan camper conversion!