Light Reading

In our research, we come across many recommendations related to both travel, and simplifying ones life, as well as some fun reading relating to travel and RV’ing or camping. We’ll try to offer what we can in both book form as well as Kindle.

One author that always seems to come up is Henry David Thoreau and “Walden”. As one reviewer put it, “there is more to Thoreau than “simplify, simplify”. His observations on the motivations and trappings of society are accurate and telling, proven even more by the fact that one hundred and fifty years have passed since its creation and little has changed.”  His writing style may be a little hard to follow at times, as the English language has also changed since then, but if anyone needs motivation to simplify their life, and get out of the trappings of society, his books are an excellent read. Most of these are available in Kindle versions, too, so rather than clutter things up here, we will offer the book versions. If you wish the Kindle versions, simply search the Amazon site using his name as the keywords.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is also one of the great writers of books and essays on “Nature” and other topics that will inform us as well as to enlighten us, and simply entertain us.

And we can’t forget Mark Twain’s “Innocents Abroad”. Although none of these great books can really relate to modern day RV’ing, they are still enjoyable.

Another classic that I have heard mentioned so often, and is a little more on topic, is John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley”, which is basically about his year-long trip around most of the country with his beloved poodle, Charley, in an old Chevy pick-up truck outfitted with a camper. This is a must read for anyone seriously enjoying the RV lifestyle. The one on the right is the Kindle version.

“Aluminum Fever” (a novel) (Kindle) is what owners of Airstream trailers call it when they get the travel bug. But the times couldn’t be worse for idealistic travelers to scratch their itchy wheels. The economy is on the verge of a second Great Depression. It is against this latter-day “Grapes of Wrath” backdrop that our protagonist hits the road in his vintage icon of the American highway, on a quest to find some meaning in the modern world. Along the way, he gets introduced to the peculiar band of rogues and vagabonds who inhabit the RV universe. And not so coincidentally, meets the girl of his dreams. Together they turn the Airstream into a soup kitchen for tornado refugees on the Oklahoma plains, are confronted by a conclave of Hell’s Angels in the Black Hills and bump into a pair of not-so-friendly Grizzlies on the Continental Divide. All of which delays their trip to the misty fjords and archipelagos of the Tongass Rainforest in Alaska, where they make an urgent return to the “cosmic lost and found” and discover no less than the meaning of life itself. This is the Kindle version.

“Travels with Susie” (Paperback)) is an account of the comings and goings of the Author, his wife, Susie and their RV, ‘Fionna’, The book is a hilarious report of their experiences as they first went through the decision to retire and later, to travel the byways of North America. Part travelogue, part monologue, part History primer and part pieces of the author’s vivid imagination, the book is all entertainment. The stories found in these pages will appeal to not only RV’ers but to anyone who is looking for a laugh or an occasional bit of inspiration. Below is the book version, but they also have the Kindle version.

We will add to this list as we discover new reading material to share, but we want to try to keep this page more to reading for entertainment, rather than “how to” topics. If you need reading that is more informative than entertaining, then check with our “Information” heading. where we offer suggestions for books as well as DVD’s and audio.