Boating, Canoeing and Kayaking

Boating is always something that comes to mind for many people, even those who travel in their minivan camper conversion. Sometimes their “boats” can be as big as a RV itself, or could be as small as a kayak or canoe. Even in something that small, there can be a lot of variety, but we came across a few things that go especially well with our minivan camper, such as inflatable kayaks and canoes. When something can be packed down to the size of a large lunchbox, you can easily make enough room to take it along in your minivan camper conversion. If you like what you see, there’s a link below the videos.

If your need involves something a little more “stable”, such as wider boat or even a couple of pontoons, there are also many inflatables in that category at places like West Marine, too, plus many accessories, for everything from holding a drink or fishing rod, to climbing onboard from the water. With any large supplier, simply follow their links from their home page or use their search for exactly what you want.

Many people forget about checking with boating and marine suppliers when it comes to merchandise for recreational vehicles. Other than the fact that one operates on water and one on land, there are actually more similarities between them then there are differences. So if you are looking for something in particular for your RV, whether it be something as simple as a drink holder, or as hi-tech as navigation instruments, always check with marine suppliers as well as RV suppliers.

Another good source for supplies for recreational vehicles is Boater’s World. They have a whole section on camping and RV related items. I was amazed when I searched through the stock of some of these marine suppliers. they had things available that I had been looking for and not finding at the typical RV stores!