Nature Studies

Although I enjoy birds and animals, especially in the wild, I can’t say that I am an avid “birdwatcher”. I do enjoy watching hummingbirds flit about, and at home, we do put out various feeders to attract birds, but I don’t “study” them or try to catalog them. I simply enjoy their company, when I have time. But many people take a much more active interest in birds, and if that is what you enjoy, also, then by all means go for it! This is a very relaxing hobby for anyone traveling in a minivan camper conversion, and a smaller vehicle lets you get into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. Many of the minivans of various years had four-wheel drive, and so far, the Toyota Sienna still does, so this is a perfect way to get to many of the spots where you can view nature up close.

A Store for Nature Lovers

There are times when nature can get a little too close, sometimes getting into things that they shouldn’t, but you have to remember, they are just doing what comes naturally because they have never been taught to do otherwise! It isn’t their fault, and they shouldn’t be punished for it any more than we should be for doing something that we didn’t know was wrong. Sometimes they just need a deterrent to keep them away from what they shouldn’t get into.

But just like humans, if they want it bad enough, they may still figure out a way to get around the deterrent. In that case we may have to protect them from danger to themselves (or us) and physically move them to a different area. Although that may seem like a logical alternative, please think about it first. You could be trapping a mother, who might be trying to feed her babies. If you relocate her to a different area, it could cause her babies to be uncared for and result in an excruciating death from hunger. Don’t force animals to go through things that you wouldn’t put a human through. It’s one thing to block their path, or present an odor that drives them away, but please, treat them with the same respect that you would expect for yourself. Have a heart.

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