Outdoor Games

Most campers and RV’ers enjoy being outside more than inside, so we can’t forget about outdoor games for use with our minivan camper conversion. Although many RV’ers enjoy playing horseshoes, they seem rather big and heavy for carrying around in a compact RV. But sometimes the bulk can’t be avoided, so the best alternative is to keep the weight down.  We’re not saying you can’t or shouldn’t take them if you really love to play horseshoes, but think about it first.

There are many outside games for RV’ers. Many of them come in their own travel cases for storage, take up very little room, and are very light in weight. We came across a great one at a large grocery store that happened to have a section on camping equipment! One was made by Spalding. It was a bean bag toss game with a canvas target about three feet across stretched across a metal frame that could be disassembled and stored in it’s black carrying case about 8-inches wide, 2-inches thick and 2-feet long.  We bought two of them so we could have a target at each end of our playing area. Each target had five holes with nets in them, and counted as different point values. It got tricky at times, because each target was slightly tilted, and if a bag landed just above one of the holes, the next toss could bounce the canvas just enough to make the other person’s bean bag go into the hole and count as THEIR point instead of the tosser’s point!

We still have a lot of fun with that game. It’s one of our favorites, and we even play it at home when not traveling!  The nice thing about games like this is that you can play them anywhere… even inside.  If you have large room, a covered porch or patio, they can be played there as well as anywhere else.

The only downside is that I don’t see that game on Amazon, at least not by Spalding. There’s one nearly identical to it made by Regent, but there’s only one review on there and the reviewer said it was flimsy. The design is nearly identical to ours, but I personally think the reviewer was being over picky. We’ve had no problem with ours, although if you were going to turn it loose on a bunch of kids, it probably wouldn’t last long. For adults who can take care of their toys, though, it shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s the Regent version, and you can decide:

Another game that has come along recently is played with a setup that looks like a ladder, and you throw a short string at it with a ball attached to each end, sort of like a bolo. There seems to be different names for this new game. We have seen it called “Ladder Toss”, “Blongo”, “Lasso Golf”, and many more, but the best quality game comes from Laddergolf.com. They all use the same equipment and the same rules. You can even make your own simply enough, out of white PVC plumbing pipe, some light rope, and small rubber balls. We have seen campers in many parks playing this game. You can take the upright section off the flat rack on the ground, and the whole thing can be stored flat.

Ladder Golf

Another game that recently came out is a golf game with birdies (shuttlecocks like badminton would use) attached to plastic golf balls. The idea is to use a normal golf club (like a wedge) to hit the birdie to a canvas target with a net in it, sort of like the bean bag toss described above. Golfer’s seem to love it, but anyone can play. Whether it sharpens your golf game or not is debatable. We’ll leave it up to the players to decide. Unfortunately, I don’t see it on Amazon yet, and can’t locate a source for it. Maybe later I can find it.

Frisbees are always fun things, even if you just play catch between two people or with your dog. They don’t take up much room, and we always have a set in our RV’s. But if you like some competition without so much running, you can play a game of Frisbee golf with this setup. If you buy two, you can toss them back and forth and won’t have to walk so far or so often. It seems to have good ratings, is made by a reputable company who has been around for years, and disassembled, shouldn’t take up too much room.

One of our goals is to come out with some games of our own, for both inside as well as outside, and when we do, we’ll add a page for them, so come back often and keep watching!