Everyone has to have something to sleep on, even campers. Well OK, some of you may actually “enjoy” sleeping on the ground, but as you get older, the ground changes. It gets harder, colder and lumpier. That’s a fact. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who’s been around long enough to know!

But for our minivan camper conversion we don’t expect you to sleep on the ground. In fact, we have a very ingenious queen-size bed for you with a nice plush foam mattress at night, and then it makes into a four-foot wide seat with a recliner for day use. The bed and couch is sturdily secured within the van for traveling, even to the point of having seat belts on it.  And yet the platform comes off and all framework can be removed WITHOUT tools in less than 10 minutes and be reinstalled in another van when you trade. That’s the nice thing about this concept… you don’t lose the investment in the money you spend on it!  What other kind of RV can you say that about?

We have designed everything about this minivan camper conversion so that everything, from the curtains to the kitchen sink, can be installed or removed in any minivan in less than 15 minutes!  Full instructions and diagrams will be included in the full version of our book, which will be available soon, and we will also have scaled plans available soon after that, so keep watching!

Besides the bed inside our minivan, you may want to carry an extra with you for inside the tent. At least, that way, if your partner snores, you can go in “the other room” and close the door (the liftgate)!

We prefer the inflatable beds that provide their own platform. Most of them these days have powered inflators on them. Some run by battery and some by 120-volt power.  Although the battery type is OK for being out in remote areas, our minivan has an inverter on it, and we really like the more powerful motors on the 120-volt models better. And having a platform allows you to sit on the bed, rather than rolling out at ground level. It also keeps your covers from dragging on the floor.

When deflated, these beds usually fit into their own travel bags that are only about a foot in diameter and about 18-inches long, so they are easy to store. If your tent is big enough, and you’re going to be there a few days, you can leave them inflated and use them as a “day-bed”.

You could also use a folding cot, but most of them are uncomfortable without an air mattress or other cushioned pad over them, and that just takes up more room. For comfort, as well as weight and space requirements, we have found that air beds just work better for everything. We even use them at home as extra sleeping areas for unexpected company.

As soon as we can find a source for some of these products, we will make them available to you. In the meantime, you can find the inflatable beds at any Wal Mart, or most other department stores.

And keep watching for the full version of our book on creating your own minivan camper. If you opt-in to get our free 94-page version, you’ll be on the list and we can let you know as soon as the larger version is available. Remember, it will have more pages (close to 150 of them), with a full chapter index, full color pictures and plans and diagrams for making the components to create your own minivan camper conversion in (nearly) any minivan on the market.