There are many products that will all work well with any RV, especially our minivan camper conversion. However, for the main seating (the couch/bed) inside the van, please see the page for bedding, as those types of cushions for seating will be there.

For other seating, the main thing you have to consider is how you plan to use your minivan camper. If you are going to be traveling “fast and light”, out to see the country every day, then dragging extra lawn chairs and things with you is probably unnecessary. Storage room is going to be at a premium, and chairs are usually very bulky.

If you use one of the folding picnic tables, either with attached seating or separate seating, then you may already have everything you need for sitting outside. The longer you stay somewhere, the more you may want something more comfortable, though. Some chairs collapse “inward”, into a cylindrical shape to store in a bag, therefore the term “bag chairs”. We have a couple that actually serve as recliners, also, and work very nicely. They might be easier to store under the couch/bed, but it would be a good idea to save them until last, to see if you still have room for them.

Other chairs that fold flat are going to take up a lot of space, and you may have to reserve those for when you use a rear storage pod on your vehicle, or if you tow a small trailer. We won’t try to suggest what you should have, as everybody has their own ideas on how to travel and what they want to take along. If you’ve been traveling or camping for awhile, you probably already have a good idea of what works best for you.  If you are new to it, then start out with the basics first, and add to to them as you see a need to.

We used to travel in a forty-foot basement model motorhome with a tow car behind it, and thought we had to take “everything but the kitchen sink”. After three years of nearly full time traveling, we realized that we didn’t use 90% of all the stuff that we “thought” we had to have. When you finally realize that you’ll have plenty of things to do without carrying all that excess junk with you, you’ll also come to realize that you’ll be able to travel longer, safer and cheaper with a much smaller RV!  After all, you love RV’ing and camping because you love being outside! If you’re going to be outside, then why do you need all that space inside! All you really need is food, bathroom facilities, a place to sleep and to get out of the rain! You’ll be outside most of the rest of the time!