One of the best sources for finding free or low cost places to park your minivan camper, or any RV, for night without using normal campgrounds and the hookups that come with them is with this best-selling author’s line of “Shunpiker’s Guides”. The term “shunpiking” simply means that you shun the “turnpikes” and major highways for the lesser traveled and usually more scenic routes, even to the point of sometimes creating your own roads in the boonies, looking for a place to “dock” for the night, and therefore the term “boondocking”. Click on the picture to get your regional guides, and then enjoy a slower and more beautiful pace of life! 

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We will always try to have a great selection of informational as well as entertaining books for you, not only about minivan camper conversions, but on many other topics relating to RV’ing and camping. We will add other suppliers of books as time goes on, but will always choose our offerings ourselves.

One of our first recommendations is “Travel America on $20 a Day” from We have a banner on our home page for that one. Jason has a lot of great ideas on how to save money and still enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

RV by Bob Miller 







Rv Vacations for Dummies by Shirley Slater


Mystic in a Minivan by Kristen White
















As we find other books that will be of interest to you, we will update this page.