Cooking Tools

No kitchen is complete without the proper “cooking tools” and our minivan camper conversion “kitchen” is no different! If there is one thing that is the most forgotten kitchen tool in history, it has to be the can opener! For some unknown reason people think of knives, forks, tongs and everything else… even a whisk for stirring… before they remember the can opener!

But any reasonably stocked kitchen should have all of those basics, as well as a spatula, long handled barbeque tools of various kinds, and even some hot pads or mits! Additional things might be measuring spoons, a knife sharpener, and a cutting board.

For barbeque tools, there are all kind of things, from long handled forks, four-at-a-time hot dog holders, fire-pie irons, broiler baskets, and even skewers for shish-ka-bobs. It all depends on how and what you like to cook, and how light or heavy you want to travel.

Just don’t forget the can opener or you may not eat at all!