Open Fire Cooking

This might be a good place to recommend those portable fire rings from another section of this site, as they are all handy for carrying in your minivan camper conversion. But you may find that you don’t need them at every stop. Many campgrounds furnish fire rings, and depending on how you use them, they might work on their own for “cast iron cooking” or you can put a grid over them for any other cooking.

We have not done a lot of open fire cooking, as most of our travels have been with RV’s to our membership resort parks, and we either microwave a quick dinner, use the stove top, or sometimes use the barbeque if we have time. Usually the times when we have enjoyed open fire cooking, it’s with a group, where they put on a huge bean or chili pot and everybody adds to it. For the kind of daily traveling we do, where we are on the go nearly every day, it hardly seems worth the trouble for just ourselves.When we do have a small campfire of our own, it’s usually on cool nights, when the fire actually “feels” good. And then we have to get out the four-foot-log barbeque forks and have a couple of hot dogs and some smores. No fire is complete without those! But also they don’t require the cleanup work afterwards, either, and that makes them even better!

Sometimes you just can’t build an open fire, though, and its always handy to have some kind of fire ring or pit to contain it. Always check with the local “authorities” to make sure that it’s OK to have open flames. Even though a fire may seem contained, all it takes is one spark to get away to cause a catastrophe!

But as we have more time and learn to relax a little more, and maybe spend more time in one location, we might find time to actually use a “Dutch Oven” that we have heard so much about and seen demonstrated many times!

And we can’t forget “cooking tools“.  No matter what you cook “on” you’ll need some of those, but we’ll talk about those in another section.

You have to realize that this site is brand new, as of June of 2011, and we’re just getting started with it. Give us a little time, and we’ll add more content and ideas for open fire cooking that you can try out for yourselves. This site will grow!