Soft Goods

No minivan camper conversion kitchen is complete without the kitchen “soft goods” usually required before or during eating, such as tablecloths, towels, napkins and other things that fit well with an RV or minivan camper kitchen. Many times these thing can serve double duty while traveling, as padding between breakable dishes.

Although you may carry your own table with you, which you will, there will be many times where you just want to pull into a rest park, and no one should ever try to prepare a meal on one of those tables!  I mean NO ONE!  They have everything from stray animals running across them to birds and their droppings! YUK!

In fact here is something you can do to save your table cloth!  Carry a boxed roll of painter’s plastic drop cloth with you. It doesn’t have to be very thick. It will probably be wider than you need when you open it out, but you don’t have to open the whole thing up. Usually the roll is about 18-inches long, and if you pull it out and just unfold it from the middle, that will be enough to cover some tables. If the table is wider than that, then just open the roll enough to hang over the table a few inches on each side. You’ll have to have a very sharp knife or scissors to cut the roll to the length of the table, again leaving enough to hang over the ends by a few inches. Now you can put your clean table cloth over that and put your tablecloth clamps on it to hold it in place. When you pack up, just fold your nice clean table cloth back up and then take the plastic sheeting and throw it away! Don’t worry…it’s very cheap and available at any builder’s store or hardware store. That roll will last for many table coverings, even when folded up!

Although cloth napkins are a nice touch, let’s face it…you’re traveling light and cheap!  Who wants to have the extra burden of washing cloth napkins? Paper napkins will do just as fine, and you can throw them away when you’re done!

And although we carry a few dish towels, we normally use them for emergencies or for padding for the breakable stuff. They very seldom get used.  We also carry a few dish rags for the same reason. Still, if you have pots and pans or dishes to wipe dry, having a regular dish towel is nice. For small things or silverware, we usually use paper towel and pitch it when done!

That pretty much covers the extent of soft goods you need for the kitchen!