You can get as fancy or as basic as you want with eating utensils in your minivan camper conversion. That’s the nice thing about having choices. If you want to travel quick and light, then you may prefer paper plates and plastic silverware. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it saves a lot of clean up time.

But those plastic knives and forks don’t always survive an encounter with a nice juicy steak!  There are some things that work well together and some that don’t. Plastic and steaks don’t even belong in the same dictionary!

As with other serving items, a setting of four should be plenty for any kind of traveling in a minivan conversion. That means four forks (and four salad forks, too, if you’re particular, although it isn’t necessary), four teaspoons, four soup spoons, and four table knives. In addition, I suggest four steak knives, and four long-handled ice-tea spoons.  Many people forget that last item, but they really come in handy for stirring tall drinks, or even reaching the last bit of peanut butter or jelly in the jar!

How fancy you want to get is up to you. There are fancy travel kits you can get in a case, or roll pouches that take up very little space, or you can just use a drawer in your optional cabinet that we have designed for your van.. Wherever you store them, you don’t want to bury them too deep. Many times, a fork, spoon or knife will come in handy even if you stop at a fast food place and forget to pick up what they have.

Anything else, like the larger serving spoons and such will be found under cooking tools.