Food Storage

No matter what kind of RV we travel in, we need to store food, and it’s no different in our minivan camper conversion. Whether it be cooking meals ahead of time and then using portions for later meals, or whether we just need to seal up the block of cheese after it’s opened, we need “something” to put it in.

Many times a simple food storage bag with a good zip-lock seal works best, and allows more flexibility in tight spaces, especially in the coolers. Sometimes rigid containers can be a problem fitting in some spaces. We always carry two or three different sizes of food storage bags with us. The larger ones, like the 9 x 12 size are also great for paperwork, whether it be manuals for the minivan, or important papers that you need to take with you.

Unfortunately plastic bags are not the greatest things for saving things like portions of a casserole, and you definitely can’t use them in the microwave. There are just some things for which rigid containers are definitely better. We like to keep at least three or four of several different sizes on hand, and they need to be stackable to conserve space.

There are even some containers designed for specific purposes, although we have found most of them unnecessary. Some even take up more space because of their special design. There is one, though, that we highly recommend, and that is an egg container. It doesn’t make any difference what brand, size or style, as any of them seem to work well. Their main purpose it to hold each egg gently but firmly, and to protect them from bumping into each other, as well as from outside forces. We have used one or more in our coolers on a great many trips, and never had an egg broken. They are well worth the minor expense of them, no matter what that is!