Fire Protection

Even in our minivan camper conversion we should always carry some kind of fire protection. You never know when an accident could occur, a wire get shorted, a spark from a campfire gets away, or some other calamity. “Stuff” happens, sometimes through no fault of our own, and we have to be prepared for it.

EVERY vehicle should carry a fir extinguisher, but unfortunately, they don’t. Most of them never come near any kind of fire in their lifetimes, and that’s a good thing. But when you’re out camping, and (even though it may be temporary) “living” in your vehicle, things can happen. A smoke detector falls in line with “detection“, and you need at least one of those, too, but if a fire has already gotten out of control, you need a way to put it out if you can!

I’m not saying you have to carry around some huge 50 pound canister in your minivan, but a even a small one pound canister is better than nothing! A five-pounder would be better yet.

Although there are certain types of fires that certain fire extinguishers work better for than others, I think most will agree that a CO2 or an ABC extinguisher will work well on most things. The CO2 extinguisher won’t leave any residue behind, where the ABC type leaves a powder behind.

When I have more time, I’ll come back and address this issue again later, and have better information for you.