First Aid

Out of all the things I have ever done in my life, working with anything in the medical field is not one of them! So I’m not going to try to play “doctor” and suggest what you need to carry in your minivan camper conversion! Common sense tells me that it is going to depend on how you camp, where you camp, what kinds of places you intend to travel, and what your physical needs are.

As I get time, I will research this topic more and update this article with some facts presented by professionals. I know there are all kinds and sizes of first aid kits out there, and obviously, if you’re back-packing in snake country, you want something smaller and lighter than someone in a 40-foot motor coach who uses membership parks might want.  I also know that we should ALL carry some kind of first aid kit for emergencies, but some people may have special needs. A hemophiliac is going to want something to stop bleeding quickly, while a diabetic may have to have something to balance sugar levels. A person with heart problems may want something with a potable defibrillator in it! Everyone is different in their physical needs, travels differently, and I’m not going to make wild guesses here.

There are plenty of different first aid kits on the market, and my best suggestion is to carry “something” (as opposed to “nothing”) that makes sense.