There are repellents of various types available for nearly anything that you want to keep away from you. We always carry some in our minivan camper conversion, depending on where we plan to roam. They could be anything from ant powder, to mosquito and fly repellents.  I won’t go so far as to discuss “illiminators” here, like wasp sprays, because those don’t just repel, they kill. And yes, a sling shot can repel, but that falls more in the line of “weaponry“, which is in another section.

Normally we think of chemical repellents, but there are also many electronic repellents on the market, too. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough experience with most of them to recommend one over the other. I hear people talk about them from time to time, and some like one kind, and some like another.

This would be a good topic of discussion on the blogs. I’ll write a post when I get time and then you let us know what your thoughts are on repellents.

For us, we try to stay aware of certain seasons, especially insect seasons, and we try not to go certain places during the seasons when there are problems!