I can hear some of you now when you see this title. “OMG! We’re expected to carry weapons in our minivan camper conversion?”  Yes, we’re going to get into some nasty defense weapons… like fly shooters, zapper rackets and the big guns of them all… bug zappers that hang!

Oh, come on guys… have a sense of humor! Flies only live 24 hours anyway… so what’s a few minutes one way or the other? Besides, if they’re getting into your potato salad, you want them gone, right?

A big cage type bug zapper might be a case of overkill to carry around with you when there might be more important things to take along. But I’ve seen the time when one of those things wouldn’t even help! The best defense is to NOT be where the bugs are in the first place! But I know that may be hard to do sometimes, so we’re only throwing out suggestions. You have to decide on what’s important.

As far as weaponry against anything bigger, only you can decide that. I’m not even gonna go there!

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