Hanging Storage

Let’s face it, in a minivan camper conversion, any kind of hanging storage is going to be a problem because of space. We try not to take any more hanging clothes than necessary. Most of what we take is wash and wear poly-blend types of things that you can stuff in s suitcase, shake out a week later, and be completely free of wrinkles. Of course, let me clarify here that we don’t actually “stuff” them in the suitcase. We roll our clothes as most professional travelers do… or should.

I wear blue jeans most of the time, and they are no problem at all. If I have to dress fancier for some odd reason (it doesn’t happen that often), I keep a couple of pairs of Dockers rolled up. Sweat and jogging outfits are also good. My wife also wears blue jeans or other suitable casual attire when we’re traveling, although she tends to have more blouses to hang up than I do!

So one thing we always have with us is an extendable clothes rod that can hang across the vehicle. We have one set of hooks near the back of the minivan for traveling, and another set toward the middle that we never use at all. At night, when we stop, we remove the clothes, then the rod and put them up front in the driver’s area. We have a couple of specially made hooks that go over the trim near the headliner to hold the clothes rod. Usually it’s less than half full anyway, so there’s not that much weight on it.

We can still reach what we need for getting dressed the next day, and relocating things becomes part of our routine every time we stop at night and start out again the next day. It may not be as convenient as a closet, but then we’re getting three times the mileage as most RV’s out there, and can go a lot more places more often! You just deal with it.