Rear Storage Pods

Rear, hitch mounted, swing-away storage pods are really our best recommendation for our minivan camper conversion as a primary choice. If you still need more storage room, then a roof pod would be our second choice.

We like the rear pods with a swing-away bracket, so that you just pull the safety pin and swing it out of the way of the liftgate. You can even use a rear tent with it, and when you’re ready to leave, you just close the liftgate, swing the hitch back in place and lock it with the safety pin.

Because it is at ground level, you can easily reach anything in it, and even put heavier things like a generator in it. You don’t have to worry about low overhangs, so you can even get into parking garages with the rear storage pods attached. Most garages, even home garages, are long enough that you should be able to get your entire minivan into the garage without taking the rear pods off your vehicle.

And because it is behind the minivan instead of on top, it creates very little wind drag, and should not affect your gas mileage like a roof pod will. The only danger might be in knowing how far you can back up. We recommend getting a rear pod that is higher than your rear window in the minivan, so that you can see it. If that is not possible, there are little parking aids that you can get to attach to the corners, like those little bright orange “antennas” that you sometimes see on snow plow blades and other things, to let the driver know where the corners are. You can also get a rear mounted camera with a monitor up front, so you can see what is going on behind you. The camera would have to be mounted above the rear window and looking down to see the rear storage pod and what might be within ten feet behind it.

There are also open racks available, so that you can carry other things like accessibility scooters, or other large items that would not fit into a pod. You can also get “add-on” pods to be used with the flat racks when you need to have rain protection, and they come in both soft-side as well as hard-shell types, too.

There are also many other things that work with receiver hitches, including bike and scooter racks. You’ll find those items under hitch accessories.