Roof Storage Pods

If you really need extra storage for your minivan camper conversion one thing you can do is think about roof pods for storage. But there are pros and cons on this. The first is gas mileage. Although many roof pods are sleek and streamlined, the chances are good that they will create extra wind drag, and will detract from your gas mileage… maybe not a lot, but probably 1 to 2 miles per gallon.

The second drawback is a matter of safety. I have seen all kinds of vehicles forget that they are taller then they really are with their roof pods on top, and do damage to themselves as well as other people’s property. You really have to be aware that the roof pods are up there and not go through a drive-through or into a parking garage and forget that it is up there! Even if you are at home, the van may not fit into your garage without taking your roof pods off first. If it’s solid pod, rather than a collapsible type, you also have to figure out where to store it when not using it.

Still, depending on their size, can offer a larger storage space for a couple of lawn chairs, a larger barbeque grill, or an extra fuel tank and/or generator where it won’t be stinking up the inside of the van.

The third drawback is that it may not be easy to reach or to get things in and out. The heavier the item is, the harder it will be to deal with. Shorter people might even need a small stepladder to reach into it, and that’s just one more thing to have to store somewhere.

Solid pods tend to be more rain tight on the road. Cloth type pods sometimes have a tendency to leak, especially around the zippers, so where you plan to use it the most might also affect your buying decision. In a rainy part of the country a solid pod might be better, plus they are more secure.

But if you live in a condo with a one car garage, and have to store stuff when you’re not using it, then a soft-side will store easier.

Everyone has to make their own decisions on these kinds of things.