Travel Bags

There are almost as many travel bags out there as RV’s on the highway, but our minivan camper conversion doesn’t have a lot of room for bulky things like suitcases. We have found that soft, light-duty travel bags work well. We prefer the cloth type, rather than leather or fake leather. Why? Because we can also use them for “bolster cushions” if we want to lay on the couch or sit up in bed to read or watch TV. The harder the bag is, the more uncomfortable it’s going to be!

I know, I know, some of you are saying “But you’re going to mash the clothes and make them all wrinkled!” Forget that problem!  That’s why we always take clothes that can take that kind of abuse and still come out looking like new! We don’t take clothes that EVER need ironing! When you get more traveling experience behind you, you’ll realize that you HAVE to choose carefully what kinds of clothes you buy!

Also, we have two travel bags that have nothing but towels and linens in them, so they also make great bolster pillows when you need them.

And by the way, we do have other travel bags (some that are “stiffer” for carrying things like shampoos and conditioner bottles and whatever all that stuff is that my wife takes along. She also has her make-up bag and I have my shaving bag. This way we never have “hard things” in our clothes bags to accidentally get broken with our clothes! That’s another thing you learn from years of traveling experience. NEVER put liquids in with clothes unless you seal them up tight in a waterproof bag! But that applies to suitcases as well as soft-sides. And since we may lean against our soft side luggage, we don’t put anything but soft stuff in it!

The soft travel bags will fit almost anywhere to get them out of the way. At night they usually end up in the front passenger area. That works very well as a storage area at night, and anything that isn’t stored under the bed usually ends up there at night. The bags with bottles in them, we always try to keep upright for safety, and usually put them in the front seats against the back of the seat where we can reach them easily in the morning.

For traveling, all that “night-time” stuff is stored behind the couch, and out of the way of our day time use of things. We have this down to a science, and you will, too.

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