Screen Rooms

Screen rooms come in all types of units. We carry one with us in our minivan camper conversion because it’s bigger than most screen rooms that are attached to tents, and gives us more room to stretch out and feel comfortable. Ours is 12 x 12 and has enough room for a table in the corner at which to eat or play games, and still have our folding recliner chairs and a TV.  It’s our living room away from home!

Some screen rooms have privacy panels that you can zip in place to make it a regular tent for sleeping, but ours, unfortunately, did not come that way. It was a cheaper one that we found at a drug store a few years ago and the price was too good to pass up.

However, there are advantages to having the living area separate from the privacy areas. We can leave the porta-potty in the tent on the back of the van, along with the shower enclosure (if we even use it) where we also have our sleeping area IN the van, and we can literally take everything else, including the microwave, the cooler, AND the kitchen sink, and use the screen room as our “public” area, for cooking and entertaining.

So all of these ideas are perfectly workable and comfortable for longer stays if you decide to hang around awhile. But keep in mind, we aren’t suggesting you “full time” in your minivan…although you could.  Our minivan camper conversion was designed as more of a “traveling vehicle” for people who want to travel simply and comfortably, without paying extra for motel bills or having to use restaurants every day, and to be affordable enough to be on the go every day, so you don’t ever have to be forced to stay somewhere for awhile until the “gas money” catches up to you!

We show you how you can have everything with you that you NEED to have with you, for a busy life of seeing the country every day, and have all the luxuries you are used to, all contained in one little 24 MPG unit. For some, this way of traveling may be “unthinkable” if they insist they have to have their big gas hog motorhomes and fifth-wheels, or if their idea of “traveling” is going south to the same place every winter and playing shuffleboard.  No offense guys… but I have a life! And I want to see the country, meet new people, experience different cultures, and have fun during the years that I have left!

I figure that if you’re reading this… you do too!