Vehicle Covers

OK, so a vehicle cover isn’t exactly a “tent” the way we normally think of a tent, but it is made of fabric and covers your car, so it’s the only category that it fits into. And sometimes our vehicles need to get out of the sun, too. And whether you need a cover for your minivan camper conversion or your 45-foot Marathon bus, there are vehicle covers available to fit them all.

I remember a few years back, we had a small fenced yard in the front, and there was only one spot we could park our 23-foot Jayco.  Unfortunately, it was under the spreading branches of a tree, and by springtime, the whole rig was covered in dirty sticky sap that had collected dust all winter. We spent an entire afternoon washing that rig with buckets of hot soapy water, a long handled brush plus several other brushes and rags, along with a hose for rinsing, and it was no fun at all!

If we had spent the money for a vehicle cover, we could have just pulled it off and thrown it in the wash machine!  OK… maybe a really big wash machine, like some laundromats have. But it would have been a whole lot easier then what we went through.

Even out camping, the sun shines through windows and the UV rays help fade and deteriorate interiors, fabrics and upholstery, as well as as destroying tires. If you’re going to be somewhere for a few days, why not cover your RV or minivan camper conversion to help keep it clean and protect it from the sun? Sometimes you may also be parked in a shady area with trees, and could end up with your vehicle covered with sap like ours was. Save yourself some work, and protect your investment at the same time.  Get a vehicle cover!