ATV’s and Carts

Many parks these days take up many acres, and are so spread out that you need your minivan camper conversion available just to get around! The one we managed here in Arkansas was 866 acres! The guard house was at least a quarter mile from the first building, and then the clubhouse was around the corner nearly another quarter mile from that, and most of the camping sites were around the finger of a lake and nearly a half mile from the clubhouse! Many of the regulars there brought ATV’s and used them for transportation around the park to save wear and tear on the other vehicles!

I’m not suggesting you “have” to drag an ATV around with you in your travels, although you could. The whole reason behind the minivan concept was to travel light and easy. Besides, part of the camping experience is healthy living, and if you take a vehicle everywhere you go, it kind of defeats that purpose.

Still, I know many people that camp are also hunters and fishermen, and would have a difficult time of doing it if not for their ATV’s. So just be aware that you “can” do it when you need to.

For others, maybe golf is their game, and the smoother ride of a golf cart is more to their liking. You can carry one of those in lieu of a an ATV if you’ve a mind to, although for either one, you WILL need a trailer. As long as you stay under 3500 pounds, you should be fine, but always verify that with facts.

I won’t begin to suggest what kind of ATV or cart you need. Only YOU know what you are going to use it for or what you want on it. Just stay legal and safe, whatever you do.