Scooters aren’t just for kids. There is everything from baby scooters to push-type scooters to ADA mobility scooters. Scooters come in three varieties, the manually-powered type, electric scooters, and gas scooters. Keep in mind here, that we are NOT going to discuss the kind that you ride with one foot and push with the other, although those are available, too! We won’t even discuss the ones that are powered, but you have to stand up and ride, although the kids seem to like them!

Most RV’ers are going to be looking for something that they can sit on and get around the campground. Within those categories you may also find ones that fold up, and ones that are solid. The best bet for your minivan camper conversion would be a small battery powered fold up type with a seat. These usually fold down to a package about a foot square and four feet long for storage, possibly under the couch seat. You can find larger models in two-wheeled, three-wheeled and even four-wheeled in both gas and electric, with some of them being street legal, capable of carrying two passengers, and capable of 60 miles to a charge. If you prefer a gas model, the mileage on these things is fantastic, often topping 75 MPG. Probably the best and largest source for any of them at the best prices can be found starting with a search on the Home Page. They even offer free shipping on most items.

There are a lot of choices with these things, and again, everybody has their own needs and their own preferences. Whatever you choose, follow the rules of every campground (they WILL be different!) and stay safe.

With any riding, it is always a good idea to stay protected, especially your head. That is where most serious injuries occur. For some things, you may need even more. For small scooters it is always a good idea to wear knee and elbow protection as well. Not every style is going to fit or suit every rider, and therefore having a huge selection of accessories is important, like helmets and racks. We discuss all of these products with the idea of using them with an RV or your minivan camper conversion.