One of the reasons we like the “on demand” type water heaters is because we aren’t getting any younger, and one of the drawbacks to using most camp showers is that they require being up high to facilitate gravity fed pressure. And it seems as though five-gallons of water gets heavier every year!  It takes two people just to get it up on the roof of our minivan camper conversion, and as much as I hate to admit it… that’s more work than I want to do! With the “on demand”‘type heaters there is literally no tank, or if there is, it’s very small, so there’s no weight to them. Some can sit on the ground, like the Zodi units, while others like the Camp Chef can hang up. With a Camp Chef water heater, the heaviest thing you have to lift is the empty unit… and it doesn’t even need to be up high.

However, we realize that technology scares some people, others are “purists” and want to use nature to heat their water, or whatever reason.  The problem is that we have not used any of these “solar bags” to be able to tell you whether one works better than another. Let’s face it, they all do basically the same thing. It comes down to minor features, thickness of the materials, how well they hold up, how many gallons they hold, what kind of wand they have, what comes with them, etc., etc.

If you just do a search for “solar shower systems” or “portable shower systems”, I’m sure you will be offered quite a selection.

Since our concept minivan camper conversion has its own specially designed tent on it, and we already have our own Bivouac Buddy shower enclosure to use with it, we have had no need to try out any of the free standing or “hang up” shower enclosures on the market. I’m sure that any of them would work just fine, with or without our tent. Again, it all boils down to the features and benefits, and only the user can make the choice of what they prefer. If you search for “privacy tents”, “privacy enclosures” or even “shower tents” or “shower enclosures”, you will have many choices.