Site Guide

For those who have found us by accident, be assured that anyone can use this site and buy products through our links. With that being said, let me clarify why we have the product offerings that we do.

Originally this site was intended to provide product and guidance for our initial product, which is our book on creating your own minivan camper. As we progressed into the project, we realized that many of the products recommended for that project could be used by literally anyone!

So it doesn’t matter if you hike and back pack with a tent, or whether you travel in a luxury motorhome, you can find something both interesting and useful here.

Our links are provided by a great many sources…both privately obtained and through aggregators which manage links for a great many vendors. Skimlinks alone handles links for over 18,000+ vendors and aggregators, including Amazon.  However, we live in Arkansas, one of the sales tax nexus states, and as of September 26, 2013, Amazon has again refused to work with affiliates in those states. As a result, we are forced to remove Amazon links, and will be recommending other vendors for those same products. And since we are a business (besides being extremely helpful to people) we prefer to do business with vendors who will make it worth your effort, as well as ours.

Our pages are laid out like the old “outlines” you saw in English class in school, with main topics first, and then sub-topics under those headings. The product we recommmend will be under “Products”, while things that you can use online will be under “Resources”.

Example: If you are looking for an extension cord, it would first be under “Utilities”, along with things like water and sewer and the typical things that fall into that category anywhere else in the world. Since it has to do with electricity, that would be the next sub-topic in which to look. Then there are different sub-topics under “electricity”.  Think logical… an extension cord doesn’t “generate” electricity, it doesn’t provide “lighting”, nor does it “diagnose” anything. It is a means of distribution of electricity… getting it from one place to another, so the category in which to look would be “control and distribution”.

“Furnishings” are mostly things to go “in” the minivan, which may have a decorator touch, while “furniture” is exactly what it says, beds, tables and chairs.

Kitchenware is divided into two categories.  What do you do in a kitchen?  You either cook or eat, so those are the two main categories. I’m sure you get the idea by now. The menu bar under the header will be there on every page, so it’s impossible to get lost.

So take your time and explore the site. Feel free to click through to search for and buy anything you have a mind to. We appreciate your business and support.

It’s really rather simple how we do things, and we try to keep it easy and logical.

Come back often to watch our progress, as we will be in a continual growing stage throughout this year, and probably beyond.

We hope to see you across the campfire!