Recent Updates for Mobile Users!

Thanks to F.W., one of our new subscribers, we realized there could be a problem with viewing the site on a mobile device, and sure enough, there was. So we are glad to announce that anyone reading this on an iPhone will now see it displayed as it should be.

We now have both an iPhone and iPad emulator on our laptop, so we can see how our sites look on those devices. Although I didn’t see the exact problem that F.W. reported on an iPad, it made me aware of another problem. But we will keep testing to see if we can duplicate what was seen. Here’s what we DID notice: when the webmaster chooses to eliminate the title text above the header on this particular theme, the header moves up and the title disappears. Not so with the default search box, which also started out up there. It moves down into the menu bar, which is not a problem on a normal computer or even an iPad. But on the iPhone, due to its much smaller screen, the whole layout changes.

On the iPhone, a web page is displayed in a narrow column and requires scrolling down to see it all. On this theme it starts with the header, then a vertical menu, then the content, the sidebar and then the footer. Unfortunately, the default search box showed up first and completely covered the header and site name! I had to get into the header code to fix it, but it is now “repaired” by eliminating the default search form, and a new search form widget has been inserted into the side bar to take its place.

Our 90+ degree temperatures finally disappeared just last Friday, September 7th, so now I will be able to get more done on the reclining couch/bed for the minivan. The cushions have been done and waiting, the wood parts are all painted and ready for the hardware, so I should have it finished very soon, and can get the final book released in the very near future. I appreciate all the patience everyone has had, and please feel free to comment anytime.

Thanks again.